Office of Diversity, Student Equity and Interfaith Programs

The mission of the Office of Diversity, Student Equity, and Interfaith Programs is to ensure all students graduate by providing tailored, personalized support and removing barriers to graduation.

The goals to achieve this vision are to:

  • Provide resources and services that directly support the identity development, graduation and retention of SF State Students;
  • Ensure all students have a space on campus they can gather support,  guidance, and affirmations of the intersectionality of their identities;
  • Foster the creation of inclusive spaces for students, including Latinx Student Services, PRIDE (LGBTIQ+), Interfaith Programs Unit, and other intercultural spaces
  • Connect students to faculty, staff, and resources across campus while providing support where gaps exist.


Please contact Christian Lozano Cuellar, Director, Office of Diversity, Student Equity, and Interfaith Programs, if you have any questions regarding Jewish Student Life, Interfaith Programs Unit, LGBTQIA+ Student Life, and Latinx Student Services at SFSU.


Student Services Building, Room 206

Phone: (415) 338-7290