Welcome to the Black Unity Center

Four students sit next to a professor on a couch under a sign that reads Black Unity Center.

Students Tiana Dorley and Wesley Cox, Associate Professor of Africana Studies Serie McDougal and students Hanna Wodaje and Dmitra Lucas gather in the new Black Unity Center in Village C.

The Black Unity Center started as one of six Black Student Union Demands developed in 2015. This serves as a space for student engagement and achievement!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Center is to provide Black students, through cross-campus community collaborations and an intersectional, African-centered environment, with transformative, impactful and socially conscious programs that allow them to grow academically, interpersonally, culturally and professionally, in order to advance their recruitment, matriculation, retention and graduation.

Where To Find Us

Location: The Village at Centennial Square, Building C, Suite 142
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am – 7pm

Phone: (415) 405-4442
Email: blackunitycenter@sfsu.edu

Social Media