Office of Diversity & Student Equity

The mission of the Office of Diversity & Student Equity is to eradicate the achievement gap among all students by leading efforts to build a more representative, equitable, and inclusive SF State University.

The primary goals of the Office of Diversity Student Equity will be to:

  • Advocate and support the integration of equity as a core planning value at all levels of SF State University.
  • Support all stakeholders in developing equity-minded interventions designed to close opportunity and achievement gaps.
  • Build the capacity and infrastructure of the Latinx, PRIDE, Dream Resource Center, and Interfaith Center to implement program and services that will coordinate, plan, deliver, evaluate, and continually improve student activities, events, advising, and support services which:
    • Prompt critical reflection, innovation, curiosity and courageous conversations.
    • Create the conditions for more forthright, constructive relationships and interactions among members of the SF State community
    • Advance intercultural learning.
    • Reduce unconscious bias, micro aggressions, stereotype threat, and exclusion to the greatest extent possible.
    • Ameliorate organization and administrative barriers to equitable opportunity.

Goals for Academic Year 2018-2019:

  • Research exemplars for and develop a statement of principles document defining equity, inclusion, diversity, and success.
  • Convene a work group to develop a concept and proposal for Latinx Student Services.
  • Convene a work group to develop concept and proposal for PRIDE Center.
  • Convene a work group to develop concept and proposal for Interfaith Center.
  • Continue expanding the capacity and building the infrastructure for the Dream Resource Center.
  • Implement day long program on related aspects that exploring students’ rights on Free Speech within Higher Education Context.
    • Develop Free Speech toolkit for students to employ during experiences of events and programs.
  • Initiate efforts to develop a campus-wide equity and inclusion action plan, aligned with 1) SF State Strategic Plan 2015, 2) Graduation Initiative 2025, and 3) Strategic Enrollment Management Plan:
    • Develop listening session and program initiatives identifying organizational or administrative barriers for transfer and Sophomore student populations.
    • Plan, deliver and evaluate a targeted educational outreach campaign for various student groups: transfer | sophomore student populations.
    • Identify targeted support systems and strategic interventions for transfer and sophomore student populations.

Physical Location:

The Village at Centennial Square, Building C, Suite 140
Phone: (415) 338-7272